Tuesday Training

The Tuesday evening sessions are intended to help our runners improve their speed, distance, fitness or running style.

There is usually the option to join one of several different runs or sessions, including:

  • 5-6 mile run at around 9.00-10’00 minute/mile pace
  • 7-8 mile run at around 8’00-9.00 minute/mile pace
  • A specific coached training session working on speed, fitness and recovery. This can include hill work or repeat efforts and these sessions are always designed to be taken at your own level so they are suitable for all.
  • During the Summer months we will be doing a regular track session at the Bebington Oval. n.b THESE SESSIONS WILL NOT BE RETURNING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS. The club will be covering the cost of these sessions. We will try to cater for all levels and myself as Coach and the Run Leaders who normally take Tuesday night sessions will all be going to each of the track sessions.  We have got the track booked from 7pm until 8pm so you are advised to arrive at the Oval in good time so that we do not delay getting started. If you have track spikes that is fine (no greater than 5mm please) but ordinary road shoes will suffice.

The Tuesday sessions are a great way to improve your running.