Pensby 2020 Challenge

For the year 2020 Pensby Runners have set themselves a challenge. To run 2,020 miles in 2020. That equates to 168 Miles per month, just under 39 miles per week or 5.5 miles, on average, every day in 2020.

The group will self monitor (although a private Strava club group has also been set up) and report each month to see how they are faring on their trajectory.

Additionally, we have set up a metric version, For the metric version members need to do 2,020 kilometres in 2020. Still a steep task with 168 kilometres per month (98.2 miles), 39 kilometres per week (24.2 miles) and 5.5 kilometres per day (3.4 miles) on average.

Monthly progress will be posted here: