How to tie your laces!

Laces coming undone? Too tight? Too loose? Not secure enough? Having to tuck them into your shoes? Having to double-knot? Breaking laces?

You need to learn the IAN KNOT!

I read about this years ago in Runners World and it is simply brilliant. It takes maybe 10 minutes to learn, then a few days to practice before it becomes second-nature. It is well worth this tiny effort. Once you have mastered it you will pity those that don’t use it.

Main advantages:

1) Tied correctly it NEVER works itself loose
2) You can tie it SECURELY without having to tie your shoes TIGHTLY
3) It is insanely fast to tie – an instant knot
4) Once tied it creates perfectly symmetrical loops, which is great for OCD sufferers

Video instructions below, or visit Ian’s Shoelace Site for more details.

Yes, he does actually call himself “Professor Shoelace”…

My Medals Case – a Christmas gift for runners?

What to do with all those medals? It can be nice to keep a history of the races you’ve entered and the medals received, but often they end up in a shoe-box under the bed! We heard from Sean Sanders who has come up with his own solution:

As a runner myself and a parent of a regional club swimmer I have developed a product for displaying, storing and logging medals. As we are all aware the medals can soon mount up and in my daughters case they were piled into a shoe box!

With the ‘My Medals Case’ presentation folder competitors can proudly display up to 36 medals and their ribbons as well as log the details as a reminder of the date, venue and competition where the awards were earned…. All for £18.99 +p&p.

This is a very small venture and any help at club level would be greatly appreciated, plus they are easy to wrap for xmas!


Christmas Pub Crawl

Steve Tilby has arranged the annual Christmas pub crawl around the hostelries of Heswall for Friday 28th November starting off in the Black Horse in the lower village at 7pm approximately. The evening will be capped off as usual with a meal at Heswall Tandoori.

It would be helpful if you could let Steve know – – if you’re intending to eat as he negotiates our mass arrival with the restaurant owners.