Cross Country – Medals Galore

Several cross country events to round up this week, after the country champs last weekend and the Runcorn league race this weekend.


The Merseyside country championships were held at Sherdley Park in St Helens. The going was rather good to be honest – very little in the way of mud, asides from two rather pathetic patches that you would have had to have tried very hard to have run through. What the course lacked in the way of quagmires, it made up for in hills.  There was barely time to get your breath back after each ascent before the next one kicked in.  The fellrunners in the club I’m sure would claim that they were but pimples, but then the XC crew would probably counter that such things become more of a challenge when you actually run up them.  Anyway, the whole day was a great success, because as well as putting out 22 runners overall, we also picked up some medals!!  Carole Morrison, Simon Rogers, Gordon Scholefield and Roy Fisher all going home with age category prizes.  And we had, hands down, the best gazebo.

Gordon and Roy bring home some metalwork for Pensby!


But wait, there were more medals to come, over in Birchwood where the Cheshire country champs were taking place.  We don’t know much about the weather conditions or the state of the course underfoot, but Rob Grantham was quoted as saying that five laps of the park were ’emotional’.  Enough said.  Rob picked up a medal, as did Nigel Pratten.  Paul Alexander made it home!

So overall a pretty successful weekend for the travelling Pensbys.  Kudos to both Mr Chalmers junior and senior.  Rob has really been driving the cross country league this year, and should take a big chunk of the credit for the continuing strength of the turnouts of jade vests.  Ian, may or may not have been robbed of a vet 70s medal at Sherdley park, having either finished fourth, or finished at an age for which there was not a category, or both – anyway, he was robbed.  He should at least have been given a wooden spoon for finishing in the auspicious last position.  Ian remarked that by completing a county champs cross country race, he’d ticked something off his bucket list.  Having three laps of a chilly Sherdley park on your bucket list is the sign of a true runner.  All hail Ian C!


Moving on to this weekend, even with a few regulars elsewhere, we had 15 runners in Runcorn for what sounded like a windy, rather than overly muddy event at Town Park.  Rob Grantham was 4th male overall, Lucy Partridge 23rd female.  Everyone else made it to the end (OK, there were probably some great finishing positions, but I’m just being too lazy to check), and by all accounts Emma Grantham saved her dad with some cracking baking, play sous chef, to Helen Measures, who has really upped the catering game this season.

Team Pensby at Town Park, Runcorn this weekend

Next up, a little jolly to West Yorkshire for the North of England Champs.