Mont Blanc Marathon 2016

Next year on June 26th 2016 is the Mont Blanc Marathon. During the week there is a 10k, a vertical km, a half marathon and an Ultra as well as the marathon. This is great race in the stunning French Alps with Chamonix coming alive with Runners from the elite to the not so elite over the course of the week. This year it is a draw for entry and registration closes in  a week so you need to get a move on if you’re going to do it. This is a fantastic experience and there is something for everyone. Easy jet flights to Geneva with minibuses into Chamonix and Pat and I may have some limited spaces in an apartment in the centre of town. If you enter the code GRPC5737 when you register it means we enter as a Pensby group and stand or fall together in the draw. Don’t miss out sign up at