My Medals Case – a Christmas gift for runners?

What to do with all those medals? It can be nice to keep a history of the races you’ve entered and the medals received, but often they end up in a shoe-box under the bed! We heard from Sean Sanders who has come up with his own solution:

As a runner myself and a parent of a regional club swimmer I have developed a product for displaying, storing and logging medals. As we are all aware the medals can soon mount up and in my daughters case they were piled into a shoe box!

With the ‘My Medals Case’ presentation folder competitors can proudly display up to 36 medals and their ribbons as well as log the details as a reminder of the date, venue and competition where the awards were earned…. All for £18.99 +p&p.

This is a very small venture and any help at club level would be greatly appreciated, plus they are easy to wrap for xmas!