Thursday Track Sessions

Thursday evenings afford us the opportunity to undertake track sessions at Bebington Oval. This is a shared facility with Wirral AC. The Club pay for one track session per month which is the second Thursday of the month so therefore free to Pensby members. The sessions are organised group sessions led by a coach or run leader. Our arrangement with Wirral AC does not permit members attending and doing their own session. The track sessions are from 7pm until 8pm.

Members can, however, do track sessions every Thursday at a cost of £2 per member per session. Again, these have to be an organised session with a coach / run leader so it is important that you let me know if you want to go to one of these sessions as it would mean that we would have to provide a session leader.

Track sessions are an excellent way of mixing it up and building speed. Each session will have a comprehensive warm up before hand to reduce risk of injury. Remember, hill sessions are a warm up to track sessions so the best preparation for track is to go to a few Tuesday hill sessions first.