Coaches Corner

Nigel Crompton is the Pensby Runners coach having qualified with the Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) (The old Level 2 UKA qualification) and the Fell and Mountain Event Specialist (FMES) qualification. His specialty is endurance and off road / fell running but coaches and advises on all types of running.

Every Tuesday night at 7pm (except the first Tuesday in the month which is club handicap night) Nigel runs a coached session which is usually hill or interval type training designed to increase speed and strength. These sessions are designed to cater for all abilities of runner and all Pensby Runners are invited to come along and join in.

Throughout the year there will also be specific workshops covering a range of running related matters such as Injury prevention, good running form and technique, how to plan for a race, fell and off road techniques.

Coaching tip:

 “A common error among runners is to overstride, placing the foot too far in front of the body when landing. This is not only inefficient but can    slow us down and cause injury. Learn to shorten your stride landing with the forefoot to midfoot (never the heel) landing directly below the body. A good way to get this right is to ensure you run at the optimal runners cadence of 180 steps per minute. Buy a cheap, clip on musical metronome and set it to 180bpm and practice running at different speeds (but always at 180bpm) until it becomes natural”