Club Handicap

The Club Handicap is part of our regular club run nights and takes place on the first Tuesday of each month for those who wish to participate. Alternate months have a seven mile or a five mile route as shown below.

January (first Tuesday)   5 mile handicap
February                            7 mile winter handicap
March                                 5 mile handicap
April                                    7 mile summer handicap
May                                     5 mile handicap
June                                     7 mile summer handicap
July                                      5 mile handicap
August                                7 mile summer handicap
September                         None (due to multi-terrain series)
October                              7 mile winter handicap
November                         5 mile handicap
December                          7 mile winter handicap

Runners leave according to their handicap with the slower runners first. Faster runners leave last with all expected at the finish together. Running faster than your handicap time gives you as much chance of winning the race as any of the others.

This isn’t compulsory but is a good way of running fast without being left behind by the really fast ones. It also acts as a handy benchmark of where you are at. There will be an alternative (non-competitive / timed) route option the same night. One example may be to run the handicap route in the opposite direction)

For volunteers here is a handy guide to the timing / administration system used for the handicap Handicap Administration

Please also check out the risk assessment for the 7 mile summer handicap. All runners should familiarise themselves with this and administrators should advise of these risks and any new risks learned about on the night at the pre-event brief. PR 7 Mile Summer Handicap RA

Note: Other handicap risk assessments will be uploaded in time for those events

Click the maps below to see a full route description and profile.

7 Mile (Winter) – 7 miles / 11.3 km

Three decent hills but quite fast. Also used as a regular Tuesday run.

Pensby 7 mile Winter route

7 Mile (Summer) – 7.1 miles / 11.4 km

Long and flat, then downhill to Parkgate. Along the prom and golf course and then up the 3 hills to the Club.

Pensby Runners 7 mile Summer route

5 Mile – 4.8 miles / 7.7 km

Fast, urban route. Two short hills.