Beginners and Couch to 5K

New Beginners Group

Jeff Adams (Coach) together with Joanne Cook and Terrie Maddock will be starting a new beginners course every Tuesday (at 6pm) from the 4th October 2022. Please spread the word.

Running is a wonderful way to keep fit and stay healthy, and the aim of this course is to welcome you into the running world as part of our supportive and encouraging club.

In the first sessions you will be taking the gentle ‘first steps’ with slow running alternating with walking, leading towards short distance running. We will be loosely following the C25K programme at first, with our own adaptations. All sessions will allow you to develop gradually at your own pace and you will be set a series of ‘homework’ exercises each week in preparation for the next session.

The group is coached and guided throughout by our experienced and well-qualified run leaders. Eventually you will be able to sustain steady running over longer distances, having the opportunity later of participating in a local running event with our group, such as a the Seaside Run, a Parkrun or the Hoylake 10K.

You do not need any previous experience of running, and all ages (over 18) and abilities/disabilities are welcome, but please check with your GP if you have any doubts concerning your health or your suitability for running.

The sessions will run on Tuesday evenings from the Pensby Runners base at Heswall Squash & Racquets Club and will last up to an hour. We start at 6pm (although later in the course we change to 7pm) and feature coaching exercises and talks on running-related issues such as fitness and diet, warming up and cooling down, stretching and flexibility. You will need running shoes and a high visibility top garment such as an overvest or jacket, as during the dark evenings we will be using the public footpaths and streets around Heswall for the evening sessions. Head or chest torches are also recommended. The first four sessions will be free, then you will be expected to register as a member of Pensby Runners at a cost of £40 for the year. If you are interested or have any queries please email Jeff Adams at