Road Racing

The current League champions are:

Women:  Alice Cox-Cooper (2020/21)

Men:  Michael Green (2020/21)

2022 Road League


You must be a fully paid up, first claim member of the club to compete in the Road League.

Club vests must be worn for all Road League races, excluding Parkrun and the Club 10 mile.

Road League positions are based on chip rather than gun times.

The Road League consists of 21 events. Points are awarded for your position relative to other Pensby Runners.   The first woman and first man home for the club will be awarded 17 points, the second 16 points and so on, down to 3 points.  In races where more than 15 Pensby women or men compete, the maximum points available will be raised, up to a maximum of 22 points.  For 21 or more runners 3 points will be awarded to any runner finishing in 19th place or lower.  Any runner starting a race but not finishing will be awarded 1 point.

A competitor’s final score will be the sum of their eight best scores (assuming they have run more than seven races).  For competitors who run seven or fewer races, their final score will be the sum of their scores. Club kit should be worn for all races, except the club 10 mile.

The races for 2022 are as follows:

Race 1 – Four Villages Half Marathon on Sunday 16th January 2022.
Race 2 – Village Bakery Half Marathon on Sunday 20th February
Race 3 – Denbighshire 10k on Sunday 6th March 2022
Race 4 – Aldi Chester 10k on Sunday 13th March 2022.
Race 5 – Good Friday 10 Mile Caldervale on Friday 15th April
Race 6 – Hale Village 5 Mile on Sunday 17th April 2022.
Race 7 – Christleton 5k on Friday 13th May 2022
Race 8 – Chester Half Marathon on Sunday 15th May 2022
Race 9 – Birkenhead 5 Mile on Wednesday 8th June 2022
Race 10 – Colshaw Hall 10k on Sunday 12th June 2022
Race 11 – Penny Lane Stiders 10k on Sunday 19th June 2022
Race 12 – Wilmslow Summer 10k on Sunday 10th July
Race 13 – Helena Tipping 10k on Sunday 24th July 2022
Race 14 – Riverside 10 Mile – Lancaster on Sunday 7th August
Race 15 – City of Preson 10 mile on Sunday 14th August 2022
Race 16 – Ellesmere Port 5k (Date TBC).
Race 17 – Ellesmere 10k on Sunday 28th August 2022
Race 18 – Bartletts 10k (Farndon) on Sunday 25th September 2022
Race 19 – Any Parkrun 5k in the month of October only.
Race 20 – Conwy Half Marathon on Sunday 20th November 2022
Race 21 – Club 10 mile in December. Date TBC.

Recent Winners of the Road League:

2020/21: Michael Green & Alice Cox-Cooper

2019:  Tracy Pennington & Ralph Pawling

2018:  Tracy Pennington & Simon Rogers

2017:  Lisa Grantham & Simon Rogers