Pensby Supercup

The Pensby Super Cup is to decide the Victor Omnium of Pensby Runners for 2019. This league is across all our running disciplines, including the Seaside Runs, in case there are no / fewer races in the multi-terrain series. You can take part in as many or as few as you like but ….. races make prizes.

There is a men’s and ladies’ Victor Omnium trophy. First man home and first lady home get minimum 15 points. Second 14, third 13 etc down to 3 points. Should there be more than 13 men or women then the maximum will increase to the number entered plus 2 e.g. if 14 men then 16 points and similarly down to 3 points. DNFs get one point.

In addition, if an athlete completes in at least one race from five out of the six categories, they will receive a 10 point bonus.

Also, if an athlete completes all 12 races in the Supercup they will receive a further 10 bonus points.

Competitors can take part in as many or as few Super cup races as they wish. They need not race in each category (Categories are : Fell, Cross Country (XC), Club, Road, Seaside and Multi-terrain). There are two races in each category. There are no additional races selected for the Supercup. All races are selected from existing leagues.

You have to be a fully paid up member (1st or 2nd claim) of Pensby Runners to take part. The wearing of the Pensby vest is mandatory (with the exception of ‘fell’ category where it is preferred and internal club events where it must not be worn. You must be eligible to run for Pensby in the race.

All races are already on the calendar in one of the other road, fell, cross country etc leagues so e.g. if you run the Birkenhead Park 5 you would accumulate points for both the Supercup and the Road leagues.



It’s time to challenge their titles!

The races for 2019 were….:

Sunday February 24th:  Birchwood Country Park (XC)

Wednesday March 27th:  Wirral Seaside Run (Seaside)

Tuesday April 2nd:  Handicap (Club)

Saturday April 6th:  Pendle Hill (Fell)

Tuesday May ?:  Thurstaston Multi-Terrain (MT) (TBC)

Wednesday June 5th:  Birkenhead 5 Mile (Road)

Wednesday June 26th:  Wirral Seaside Run (Seaside)

Tuesday August 27th:  Chairman’s Challenge (Club)

Tuesday September ?:  Arrowe Park Multi-Terrain (MT) (TBC)

Sunday September 22nd:  Club 10 Mile (Road)

Sunday October 20th:  Beacon Park Skelmersdale (XC)

Sunday October 27th: Clwydian Hills Race (Fell)