Fell Running

Fell running can easily be distinguished from other athletic events, in that it takes place not on a track or on roads but off road, over rough country and preferably with considerable amounts of ascending and descending, usually over some significant hills or mountains……….. they may also involve mountain navigation skills, since a race may involve participants finding their way from one checkpoint to the next, often over terrain that has no paths to guide the way.”

Steve Chilton. It’s A Hill, Get Over It. 2013

Have a look at this clip to get a flavour of what fell running is about, and then come along and join us.

Pensby Runners have developed a strong fell running contingent over recent years and are now well known in the fell running community, especially in North Wales. We have a summer fell league and a winter fell league each comprising of approximately 12 races.

Races can be short and only a few miles long (2 – 5 miles) and there are a number of these shorter races in North East Wales mainly around the Moel Famau area, up to the very long events which can be 20, 30, 40 miles or more.

Fell running is governed in England by the FRA (Fell Runners Association). To join the FRA click here

Please note that there are minimum kit requirements on ALL fell races. Please abide by these otherwise face a ban from racing and, worse, damaging the reputation of the club. Full details can be found here


Winter League 2019/ 20 consists of the following races:

Sun 27 October          Clwydian Hills                      9 miles 3000ft

Sat 16 November       Penmaenmawr                    10 miles 1950ft

Sun 2 December         Cardington Cracker            9 miles 2600ft

Sun 29 December      Jubilee Plunge                      – 2 miles -1000ft

Sun 26 January           Tigger Tor                             9.6 miles 2686 ft

Sun 9 February            Long Mynd                          11.5 miles 4501ft

Sat 15 February           Conwy Mountain                5 miles 1650 ft

Sun 23 February          Sheeptracks                         20 miles 4600ft

Sat 29 February            Pipe Dream                          4.2 miles 4280ft

Sat 14 March                 Ras Y Aran                            10 miles 3100ft

There will be a mens and ladies league trophy. First man home and first lady home will get 15 points. Second 14, third 13 etc down to 3 points. Should there be more than 15 men or women in a race then the maximum points available will increase accordingly e.g.  if 18 men then 20 points and similarly down to 3 points.

If someone starts but DNFs they will get one point

For ALL races full kit must be carried in strict adherence with FRA / WFRA rules for that distance and in line with the organisers rules (carry full kit to the race to be sure). Numbers will be pinned to the front of the chest. It is preferable that a Pensby Vest be worn. NO HEADPHONES.

For all races arrangements will be made to meet and share cars from the club car park. See Nigel (07709 895254) or Dave (07815 555221) for details including kit to be carried, training nights etc.

Classification guide:  A, B or C refers to climb per mile. A = no less than 250ft per mile, B = 125ft per mile, C = 100ft per mile. S = Short (<6 miles), M = Medium (6 – 12 miles), L = Long (> 12 miles).

We will meet at the club prior to each race to minimise car parking. Details will be placed on the club facebook page prior to each race.

Previous League Winners

                                                         Men                                    Ladies

Summer 2019 League                  Nigel Crompton                Lisa Grantham and
                                                                                                      Carole Morrison

Winter 2018 / 19 League             David Green                      Ursula Moore

Summer 2018 League                  David Green                      Lucy Partridge

Winter 2017 / 18 League             David Green                      Lisa Grantham

Summer 2017 League                  Nigel Crompton                Alex Royden

Winter 2016 / 17 League             David Green                      Alex Royden

Summer 2016 League                  Andrew Sumner               Lisa Grantham

Winter 2015 / 16 League             Nigel Crompton                 Lisa Grantham

Summer 2015 League                  Nigel Crompton                 Pat Peers

Winter 2014 / 15 League             Rob Grantham                    Anne Rosbottom

Summer 2014 League                  Nigel Crompton                  Pat Peers

Winter 2013 /14 League               Tom Rutherford                Debbie Rutherford

Summer 2013 League                  Nigel Crompton                  Pat Peers

Winter 2012 / 13 League              Tom Rutherford                 Pat Peers

Summer 2012 League                   Nigel Crompton                 Fiona McGivern

Winter 2011 /12 League                Adrian Mercer                   Pat Peers

Summer 2011 League                    Stuart Barnard                  Pat Peers

Winter 2010 / 11 League                Bill McDonnel                   Pat Peers

Summer 2010 League                     David Green                      Pat Peers