Last Winter Fell League and Second Supercup Race

This Saturday 25th March is the final race in the Pensby Winter Fell League and the second race in the Supercup series at Llantysilio Fell Race, 6.2 miles long and 2,100 ft. We will be leaving the club at 9am for an 11am start. Ideal for beginners to fell races. Make sure you carry full kit and if you’re not sure then ask Nigel Crompton or David Green.

Transfer of race numbers

Important ! Rule 209 – Please read

The committee wish to bring to the attention of the club UKA rule 209 and the clubs position in respect of rule 209. It is not permitted to take part in a race with another runner’s bib number. Rule 209 states “Athletes who receive transferred numbers without permission (from the race organiser i.e. a formal transfer) will be disqualified from the race. Both runners will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate National Association”. In our case the national organisation is England Athletics. The sanctions imposed are usually a 12 month ban from all UKA races not only for the person running but also for the person who gave them their number if they were aware.

This is a serious rule and as a UKA registered club we are obliged to support and reinforce their rules. The reasons for the rule are:

  • If a medical emergency occurred, there could be potential mix-ups. The organisers may get in touch with your emergency contact, leading to panic and/or confusion. They may use your medical notes entered at the time of entry, which could have disastrous consequences.
  • Any race insurance will be void.
  • God forbid the impact in the event of the tragedy at Boston marathon a few years ago.
  • It impacts on results not only for the race itself but for Run Britain / Power of Ten rankings / results and this is especially so where the other runner is a different category, gender or capability.
  • There have been a number of incidents where ladies have been deprived of a first place because they were beaten by young men with women’s numbers.

UKA registered running and athletics clubs are obliged to report these incidences to England Athletics (in our case) as are race organisers. Should we neglect this we as a club could face sanctions. As far as we are aware this has not been tested yet although a number of individual athletes have been banned. This is the action we will have to take going forward.

EA are compiling a ‘blacklist’ of runners who have been reported for number-swapping, referenced to the runner’s EA registration number. A number of race organisers are now starting to check EA registrations including big races close to us.

The official club policy is for runners to adhere to the rules. If not, we will, from this date, report cases that we are aware of. If a race organiser says you can’t give your number to someone else, then don’t. If you don’t like the rule, then by all means, contact the organisers and let them know your frustrations. If enough people complained, then maybe more organisers might look at their policies on swapping numbers in the future. Perhaps only enter races that do allow this flexibility.

Nigel Crompton

Club Captain

January 19th 2017

Pensby Runners Road League

Breaking News!!!!

The second race in the Pensby RRL is a 10k at High Legh.

It is on Sunday 5th March starting at 11.00 am

The entries are open and they ARE GOING FAST so please book your place NOW at

Lymm Runners & The High Legh Community Association Welcome you to the 10th High Legh 10k Race 11am on SUNDAY 5th March With an enviable reputation for being a friendly, welcoming event, Continue Reading &…

Beacon Park Cross-Country

A total of 359 runners lined up for the second of the NWSCCL races at the dizzy heights of Beacon Park, Skelmersdale. An impressive 21 of those had their chests out displaying the jade/black Pensby vest. We welcomed back eight from the first race, along with XC newcomers Jo, Matt and Rob. The 4.5 mile course was very heavy after a week of rain and the lower paths were as muddy as it gets.

The headline performance came from the very modest Rob Grantham who took to the mud and slopes with apparent ease taking token number 1. A Pensby first I am told. Lisa Grantham battled through to take an equally impressive 6th token for the ladies race. Lucy Partridge improved on her last race taking 19th place and improved her % up the field to 16%. Great to see the return of Carole Morrison and Jo Cook to the XC circuit. Alex continues to improve and took token 48.
The gents all put in good performances with most holding or improving their %’s. Of particular note Colin Lamprey improved his % up the field from 89 to 78% – must be all those Thursday sessions.

Next race is 10 am Sunday 4th December, Walton Hall Park. Be there.

Help Needed for Royden Park Multi-Terrain Race

Pensby Runners provide the organisation for the multi-terrain race in Royden Park on Tuesday 6th September. If you are not running then please volunteer to help with marshalling duties. We need 15 marshalls in total and currently only have 2! If you are able to help please post on the Pensby Facebook page or email Gordon at