Tuesday night training groups

Tuesday (9th Feb) will comprise of the following led sessions (following discussion at the AGM). Let’s see how it works out.

  1. A continuous (steady paced) run for those wanting to push it along a bit. The aim will be to run at a minimum 8 minute mile pace but if ALL the group are up to going a bit faster then that is fine. This will, this week, follow the ‘Sting in the tail’ route. This will be led, this week by Rob Beech.
  2. A continuous (steady paced) run for those wanting a less challenging, intermediate pace. The aim will be to run at about a 9 minute mile pace but if anybody needs to go a little slower then the group leader will accommodate it. But it will be a continuous run. This will be led, this week by Gordon Scholefield.
  3. Hill session which will be school hills as described elsewhere. Led by Nigel Crompton

There will also be the usual group who run non-continuously.

This weeks hill training – Kenyan Hills

This week (Tuesday 19th January) we will be doing Kenyan hills (Heswall adaptation). Three efforts of 10 minutes each running up Delavor Road one way and then down the opposite side  retaining the pace downhill. This uses interval theory with the training adaptation taking place in the downhill effort by training the body to convert the lactate developed in the uphill effort into usable energy in the downhill. You could do between 2 and 4 up and down hill efforts in each 10 minute effort. Between each 10 minute effort there will be a 2 – 3 minute passive recovery.

The Running Toolkit

On Monday 19th October at 7pm we will be running a  free to attend workshop  aimed primarily at those people who have recently joined the club. We’re aware of a lot of new members recently and it’s about getting the basics right so that you train right and enjoy your running whatever you run for, be it competition, social, to stay fit or for your well-being or all of the above.

Existing members are also free to join in, too. It’s never too late to learn.

The workshop will cover:

Warming up

Running technique

o Drills

o Cadence

o Form

Types of training

Planning a training programme

Cooling down


In order that we can tailor the training to your needs and understand the numbers please let me know if youll be attending by e-mailing me on nigel.crompton@aol.com

Tuesday night training re-commences

Summer is over (did it start?).  Tuesday night winter training re-commences next Tuesday 29th September at 7pm. Week 1 will be ‘school hills’ with added strength work to kick start your winter build up. Each week (except the first Tuesday in the month which is handicap night) will be speed / speed endurance work with running specific strength training for the first two months to build you for sessions to come.

Develop your speed. Develop your strength and endurance. Lessen your chances of injury.

Sessions are designed for everybody in mind. All sessions cater for all abilities. You have no excuse.

How to tie your laces!

Laces coming undone? Too tight? Too loose? Not secure enough? Having to tuck them into your shoes? Having to double-knot? Breaking laces?

You need to learn the IAN KNOT!

I read about this years ago in Runners World and it is simply brilliant. It takes maybe 10 minutes to learn, then a few days to practice before it becomes second-nature. It is well worth this tiny effort. Once you have mastered it you will pity those that don’t use it.

Main advantages:

1) Tied correctly it NEVER works itself loose
2) You can tie it SECURELY without having to tie your shoes TIGHTLY
3) It is insanely fast to tie – an instant knot
4) Once tied it creates perfectly symmetrical loops, which is great for OCD sufferers

Video instructions below, or visit Ian’s Shoelace Site for more details.

Yes, he does actually call himself “Professor Shoelace”…