Bleasedale Fell race – need to pre-register

Anybody doing the Bleasedale Circle fell race on Saturday 20th February NEEDS TO PRE-REGISTER before the 18th February by e-mailing or texting Leigh Warburton on or 07936334751 giving your name and date of birth. You then pay your £5 on the day. This race is just 5 miles and 1250 ft and a good introductory race for would be fell runners so why not make it your first venture out onto the fells. Only 50 places left so don’t hesitate.

Tuesday night training groups

Tuesday (9th Feb) will comprise of the following led sessions (following discussion at the AGM). Let’s see how it works out.

  1. A continuous (steady paced) run for those wanting to push it along a bit. The aim will be to run at a minimum 8 minute mile pace but if ALL the group are up to going a bit faster then that is fine. This will, this week, follow the ‘Sting in the tail’ route. This will be led, this week by Rob Beech.
  2. A continuous (steady paced) run for those wanting a less challenging, intermediate pace. The aim will be to run at about a 9 minute mile pace but if anybody needs to go a little slower then the group leader will accommodate it. But it will be a continuous run. This will be led, this week by Gordon Scholefield.
  3. Hill session which will be school hills as described elsewhere. Led by Nigel Crompton

There will also be the usual group who run non-continuously.

Tuesday night hill training

This Tuesday (9th Feb) is the monthly standard and baseline hill session. 8 (or 10 for the speedy) repeats up School Hill from the Black Horse. Hard effort up hill sustaining that effort as the hill steepens and then an easy, active recovery slow run (Pensby Runners do not ‘jog’) down to the bottom. Should take the same time to go up to get down (any faster getting down means you are not fully recovered). Take a stopwatch and time each uphill repeat and then take the average of those times to get your progression marker. Whereas other sessions will change we will aim to do this one every month. This session will make you faster and stronger over distance. It is an endurance hills reps session.

Next Pensby Winter Fell League Race – Long Mynd

Next Pensby Winters Fell League race is Long Mynd Valleys down in Church Stretton. 11.5 miles and 4,501ft of ascent with most of that ascent happening in the final half. Some big climbs and descents in this race. Registration is in a new venue at the Pavilion Cafe (SY6 6JG) and the race kicks off at 11.30am. Entries are on the day and are £8. Full FRA kit required. We’ll meet in the car park as usual to car share and leave at 8.50am.

This weeks hill training – Kenyan Hills

This week (Tuesday 19th January) we will be doing Kenyan hills (Heswall adaptation). Three efforts of 10 minutes each running up Delavor Road one way and then down the opposite side  retaining the pace downhill. This uses interval theory with the training adaptation taking place in the downhill effort by training the body to convert the lactate developed in the uphill effort into usable energy in the downhill. You could do between 2 and 4 up and down hill efforts in each 10 minute effort. Between each 10 minute effort there will be a 2 – 3 minute passive recovery.

New online membership system launched

This message serves as a reminder that your 2016-2017 membership fees are due by 1st March 2016. As you know, we are moving to an online payment system, which is now live and can be accessed via the following link:

The fees are as follows: associate membership (£40) or full membership (£110). You will first be asked to enter your details to register yourself on the system, after this you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to payment. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, through PayPal, or via Direct Debit. You will be able to access your profile at any time, should you need to update your contact details. We will use the details on your profile to keep your England Athletics (EA) profile up-to-date, to make sure any communication from EA, including your membership card, reaches you.
If anyone is unsure of how to use the system, please contact Chris Nolan or Joanne Cook.


Pensby Committee