Training sessions cancelled until end of April

England Athletics released updated guidance to clubs this week in light of the continued spread of covid 19. In line with their guidance we have decided to cancel all training sessions, handicaps etc… until at least the end of April. The health and wellbeing of our club members is out highest priority and this seems the only logical choice of action at this time.

For a lot of us our social runs with the club are hugely important not just for our physical health, but for our mental wellbeing as well. We will continue to share news, photos and general updates over the club’s Facebook page, and I will endeavour to keep a feed of news coming out from the website. If anyone would like to share in setting up any other lines of communication – email groups, whatsapp groups etc… and if any club members need any sort of help / support / food deliveries or anything else their Pensby friends could help with, contact me at ralphpawling(at)