Beacon Park Cross-Country Race

Fine weather again for the second Cross Country race of the season at Beacon Park this morning. Skelmersdale has never looked so good and what better destination for Ralph (3rd Pensby male) and Felicity (running for Penny Lane) to spend their honeymoon after getting married last weekend.

Congratulations to debutant Gary Johnstone (9th Pensby), running his first Cross Country race since he was at school 40 years ago and welcome to the team for their first race of the season: Chairman Roy (11th), Claudia (3rd Pensby female) and Rob Grantham who popped in on his way to work to collect 4th place overall and 1st Pensby home.

The early league positions are taking shape with Rob Beech, Ralph and Alistair Malpas heading the men’s table and Lucy Partridge, Alex Royden and Angela Peerless the women’s. Great running everyone!

Today’s cakes were a Dorest Apple by Richard Shayle (7th) and a last-minute Chocolate Tiffin by me (8th). Do join us at the next race in Arrowe Park on December 16th when Rob Beech and Paul Alexander will supply your post-race sugar fix.