Delamere Interclub Relays

Here are the details for next Saturdays interclub relays at Delamere Forest – The Delamere Interclub Relay Teams (DIRT). The event will take place on Saturday 22nd September 4pm start.
• Teams of 6 (although runners can do more than one leg)
• 4 legs
• Enter on the day (but let us know in advance)
• £2.50 per person
• At Delamere Visitors Centre CW8 2JD
• Teams can be: male, mixed, female or male or female vets.
Leg 1: Railway Slalom 5k 1 team member
Leg 2: Ace of Spodes 8k 2 team members
Leg 3: Lotto 6kish 2 team members
(might be useful to be able to read a map for this one (simple though)
Leg 4: Park Run 5k 1 team member
(This is the usual Delamere park run course)

Marshalls also very welcome.

So start organising yourselves into teams of six.