Pensby Ploggers

Last night we replaced our normal Tuesday night training session with our first ‘Plogging’ event.  For the uninitiated, plogging is a Scandinavian concept – a portmanteau of ‘picking’ and ‘jogging’, used to described running groups going out to clear litter in their locality, whilst enjoying a health giving run.

As a running club we get a huge amount of use and pleasure out of the roadways and pathways of the Heswall area, and the wider Wirral.  Some of our members have a quite unbelievable knowledge of the little shortcuts and long forgotten footpaths in the area.  We are very aware though, that as with all populated regions, we suffer from litter and particularly plastic litter.


Last night more than 50 club members gathered at the squash club, donned gloves, grabbed rubbish bags and headed out for up to seven miles of running, and litter picking.  It was great to see so many people supporting what will hopefully become a regular event.  The runners returned after  an hour, and binned bag after bag of litter.  A great team effort.  Thanks to Dave Green for being chief organiser, and thanks to everyone who got involved.  I’m sure this will be happening again soon – I think plogging went down well with all involved.