Hilbre Islands Run

What a brilliant run last night night!  Ian Chalmers organised another Hilbre Run from West Kirby, and 57 runners, including 11 juniors headed out from the prom, to eventually meet on the Hilbre Islands, before returning via a run or a swim, for fish and chips at Marigolds.

The Hiblre islands are small archipelago of tidal islands in the Dee estuary just off the coast from West Kirby.  At low tide it’s possible to run out to them across the beach.  Of course last night was a beautiful example of the kind of warm sunny evening we’ve been having of late, so what a night to do such a thing!  Three groups of runners headed off around 6pm on ‘pre-islands’ run routes of various lengths, before hitting the beach and following the driest path out across the sands, to rendezvous with one another on the largest of the islands.  It was such a brilliant way to unwind and particularly lovely to have so many families together on the night.  We were of course all carefully checked out and checked back in again, by Jackie and her clipboard, before most people headed to Marigolds who coped ably with a stamped of slightly sweaty and soggy runners starving for fish and chips.

A huge thank you to Ian, for once again putting in so much effort to organise an event that really epitomises the ethos of our club.  I know Ian would like to thank Claudia for originally coming up with the idea of the run, and John, Alan, Jackie and Colin for their help on the night.  As well as Marigolds for catering for us all.

Roll on next year!