Pensby Autumn Marathon Summary


I’m a bit tardy in putting together a quick report on the autumn marathons, and other exploits, that Pensby Runners members have been taking on this year. However, here goes!



It all kicked off in September, when Alex headed up north to complete the Loch Ness marathon. The same weekend, a whole bunch ‘o’ Pensby’s were running in the Hoylake 10k, back on home turf. Paul and Andy were completing a little mountain marathon, and Stephen, Gary, Victoria and Ben were in the Lake District taking part in the Kendal Sprint Triathlon.


At the beginning of October, three Pensbys – Rob, John and Andrew, completed the Chester Marathon, which over the last few years has become something of a staple fixture in the calendar for club members. Jayne was there on the day as well, completing the metric marathon, which seems an increasingly popular option – it’s a lovely distance.


Rob then gave his legs a good seven days to recover, before flying over, with three others of us, to Amsterdam. I can thoroughly recommend this race, which starts and finishes in the buzzing atmosphere of the Olympic stadium. The support the whole way around was amazing – not the intensity of London, but somehow more personal for it. Despite blowing up, and finishing with a personal worst for a flat marathon, I loved it and would certainly return. Mike, then Rob and Iain all sailed past me at around the half way point, and despite having racked up a healthy mileage exploring the city the day before, all finished with very impressive times.


Finally, two weekends ago a group of us braved the hills, and some inclement looking weather, and took on the Snowdonia marathon in North Wales. My fourth time running what was my first marathon, back in 2011, and I loved it. Much better paced this time, and with enough gas to steam up the final hill at Waunfawr. Iain, Ben, Dave and I watched Mike fly off from the top of Pen-y-Pass, early in the race, and he never looked back from that point on. Ben, guided by Iain did well to navigate the very slippery descent back into Llanberis, with only on knee scrape to show for it.   Andrew finished a breath behind Iain and Ben and I, going from strength to strength this year, and Dave had to admit that road marathons weren’t all that bad really, and actually looked quite happy at the end!



I’m sure I have missed one or two marathon exploits here (Rob). But I hope it’s a reasonable summary! Well done all!