Final Road League Race 2017

Pensby Runners Road League 10 Mile Race

The final Road League race for 2017 will be on Sunday 19th November, starting at 9.30 a.m. As it is the final race of the series we thought it might be nice if runners brought coffee and cake to consume after the event. The club will be open for use of the toilets and shelter, if required, but unfortunately we are unable to use the upstairs area as there is a private function booked. We aim to present the Road League Trophy once everyone has finished. The event is not an official race and there is no need to pre-enter, but it would be useful to know how many are thinking of taking part. Please use either Facebook or email to confirm attendance. For insurance purposes the event is for members only and as there may well be no marshals it is reliant upon individual runners to familiarise themselves with the route, detailed below.

The route starts at the mobile phone mast close to the Shell Garage and then drops down to the Wirral Way, via Baskervyle and Station Road, joining the Wirral way at the end of Davenport Road. The Wirral Way is followed all the way to Croft Drive in Calday. Runners then need to turn right up Croft Drive and then turn right at the top along Croft Drive East. At the end of Croft Drive East, turn right along Calday Road to the roundabout at Calday crossroads. At the roundabout the route turns right, passing Calday Rugby Club on the left, up Thurstaston Hill and all the way back to Heswall following Telegraph Road. At Mere Lane runners should cross over and stay on the left through Heswall, turning left at the Glegg Arms roundabout and finishing at Chalkwell Drive. The Garmin route is a little over 10 miles but I have run the route a few times and have measured it as closer to 10 miles.

A link to the route can be found below.