Beacon Park Cross-Country

A total of 359 runners lined up for the second of the NWSCCL races at the dizzy heights of Beacon Park, Skelmersdale. An impressive 21 of those had their chests out displaying the jade/black Pensby vest. We welcomed back eight from the first race, along with XC newcomers Jo, Matt and Rob. The 4.5 mile course was very heavy after a week of rain and the lower paths were as muddy as it gets.

The headline performance came from the very modest Rob Grantham who took to the mud and slopes with apparent ease taking token number 1. A Pensby first I am told. Lisa Grantham battled through to take an equally impressive 6th token for the ladies race. Lucy Partridge improved on her last race taking 19th place and improved her % up the field to 16%. Great to see the return of Carole Morrison and Jo Cook to the XC circuit. Alex continues to improve and took token 48.
The gents all put in good performances with most holding or improving their %’s. Of particular note Colin Lamprey improved his % up the field from 89 to 78% – must be all those Thursday sessions.

Next race is 10 am Sunday 4th December, Walton Hall Park. Be there.