Delavor Ants – Tuesday training session

This Tuesday 24th November at 7pm will be the ‘Delavor Ants’ session. You ants will be scurrying around the steepest section of Delavor Hill for a continuous 36 minutes. Somewhat like ‘Redstone Romps’. After a warm up we will start from the corner of Gulls Way and Delavor Road, run up the hill and turn right into Teals Way, staying right coming back onto Gulls Way and back to the start. The aim of this hilly endurance session is simple – you have to complete as many circuits as possible in 36 minutes. Wherever you are when the whistle blows at 36 minutes make your way back to the junction of Gulls / Delavor but your ‘count’ is just those completed circuits completed within the 36 minute window. See you Tuesday at the club at 7pm.