Clwydian Hills team event – The Petzl Cup

The first fell league event on 1st November – the Clwydian Hills race – is a team event, the Petzl trophy. We need our fast fell guys and girls out on the hill and, more importantly we need to be there in number. The team prize will be heavily weighted towards the number of runners we field. The more we field the greater the chance of success. So we need all the troops we can muster out at Cilcain.
Points for ALL runners will be added together. The team with most points wins. It favours the clubs with most entries and highest ranking rather than those with a few ‘supergods’ of the hill.
Please ensure that you all register with the correct club name – Pensby Runners. Let’s take it home for Pensby. We can win this. For more information contact Nigel on