Running Technique Day Clinic

Ben le Vesconte is offering us a Running Technique Day Clinic on Saturday 9th May for a special price of £75 per person.  Furthermore, if you don’t think Ben has improved your running based on the “before” and “after” filming, you get your money back!  So, for the price of a pair of shoes or a couple of physio sessions, you can learn skills which will enable you to become a more efficient and injury proof runner for life.  But only if you practice what you have learnt after the course and I (Anne Rosbottom) can help you with this.  Anne is a Vivobarefoot Running Instructor and would be very happy to offer everyone a follow up consultation to help you keep up your drills and practice.  Here is the link for more information and to sign up  It would be great if you could please sign up as early as possible so we know if we’re going to run this.  Any questions, please ask. Thanks v much, Anne.