Pensby Runners Cross-Country League

The first race in the North West Sunday Cross-Country League was held on Sunday 26th October. Pensby Runners were well represented with 9 men and 6 ladies taking part. Running conditions were excellent, with only small pockets of mud. Sarah Roberts was our first lady home, in an extremely creditable 7th position overall and she even managed to smile for the camera! Gary Thornton-Allen was our first man home in an excellent 46th position. The new spikes have now been christened so look out Simon Rogers! The increase in the number of ladies running i.e. 6 compared to 0 in the same race last year, meant that we were able to finish two complete teams (3 to count). In the team event for the men we finished one complete team (6 to count) and a second team when combined with Birkenhead. The results have not yet been published so we do not know the final league positions. Thank you to everyone who ran, an excellent start to the new season. I just hope the same enthusiasm is maintained when the real mud makes an appearance! Next race is a home fixture in Arrowe Park on Sunday 30th November.
Pensby Cross-Country League Positions After First Race in Clarke Gardens

Sarah Roberts 15
Ali Lewis 14
Anne Rosbottom 13
Debbie Rutherford 12
Mandy Mcgonigle 11
Cath Lancaster 10
Gary Thornton-Allen 15
Andy Gowe 14
Dom Roberts 13
Paul Alexander 12
Richard Shayle 11
Alastair Singleton 10
Gordon Scholefield 9
Richard Potts 8
Nigel Pratten 7